Mulch or Pine Straw? The pros and cons of each

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Mulch or Pine Straw?
Pros and cons of each explained

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Pine-straw and Mulch not only create great curb appeal but also boost the health of the content of your beds. Both options add organic matter to your soil that helps to make plants more resistant to pest and disease while providing valuable slow-release nutrients. They also help to retain moisture where it’s needed and help to regulate soil temperatures.

Here’s a list of pros and cons of each:




  • Mulch retains moisture throughout hotter seasons, therefore, helping shrubbery and plants
  • Creates a great fertilizer once it decomposes
  • Insulates during temperature changes


  • Can become a home for insects and other pests
  • Can reduce weed growth, but requires a thick layer
  • Not sufficient for installation on slopes or hillsides where it may erode




  • Protects shrubs and low growing foliage throughout the winter months
  • Great for erosion control with less washing problems
  • Easy to spread to desired thickness
  • Eliminates weeds


  • Creates a very acidic soil
  • Becomes slippery when installed on a slope or hillside
  • Requires replacement more often
  • Can become flammable in dry conditions

Mulch and pine straw have their pros and cons based on their particular use. Pine-straw can be less expensive to cover a specific area but can become an eyesore and need to be refreshed more often. Whereas mulch contains more nutrients for the soil but tends to erode and requires more attention to eliminate weeds.

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