Reasons you should consider aeration for your lawn

Reasons you should consider aeration for your lawn


If you are debating whether or not aeration would be beneficial to your lawn, then read further because we explain why it is essential for healthy grass!

When your lawn is aerated, small amounts of soil are removed which decreases soil compaction. This is generally known as “core aeration”, a term that your lawn service should be familiar with. This process will help roots to grow properly, giving you great-looking grass.



In a nutshell, aeration is the natural process of air exchange of your soil and the air around it.

There are countless benefits to aerating your grass but the main ones are that your lawn will become healthier, reducing the amount of maintenance it needs. This is because the soil is able to absorb more water and fertilizer, the air exchange between your soil and the surrounding air is improved, so stronger grass roots develop. There is also a reduction in soil compaction, puddling and water runoff. The lawn will be able to withstand heat and droughts better, and will become more resilient.

A non-aerated lawn has more compact soil which often does not allow it to establish a good root system, and prevents fertilizer and water from getting to the roots.

With aeration you can prevent soil compaction and enjoy a lush and healthy lawn. 


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