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Reasons you should be fertilizing your lawn


There are many reasons why you should be fertilizing your lawn. For best results, consider using a fertilizer that has been specially formulated for your grass type and any issues that you may be having.

If your lawn is deficient in nitrogen, it will definitely need a fertilizer. When grass is deficient in nitrogen if it looks yellow (or yellow-green), grows slowly and has low density. Other signs that your lawn is nitrogen deficient is if it has been invaded by weeds. Adding nitrogen with the use of fertilizer (especially one with a high ratio of nitrogen compared to other ingredients) should help a lot.

A phosphorus deficiency is also a sign that you need fertilizer. Phosphorus deficient grass can appear dull and have a blue-green color. If the lawn is left untreated, the grass blades can turn a purple color and eventually take on a red tint.

Lawns that have fungus will also benefit from fertilizer. Lawn fungus causes fairy rings which are small, dark and round patches on the grass with light-colored or dead grass in the center of the rings. Your lawn is more likely to contract a fungus if the soil has a high percentage of organic matter. Fungus can be treated by manual aeration and by applying a nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

Another common fungus is rust, which normally affects rye and blue grass that has been neglected. This problem can be treated by taking more care of your lawn and using a nitrogen-rich fertilizer on a dry lawn. You will then want to mow and irrigate the lawn often.

At Sharper Image Turf, we know lawn care. We use professional grade products to ensure your lawn is weed-free and as green as it can be. Give us a call, we’re here to help!